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Window 10 CompatibleKeeping a track of time is very important for meeting personal as well as professional goals. In this age of technology, the Free Count Up Timer is an ideal choice for all such purposes. As the name indicates, it is software that lets users set timers for specific time limits so that all the deadlines are met and there are no misses in any of them. There are a number of features of this useful tool which can be put to use without any hitches. It is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. The absence of any viruses makes it safe for the security of the device. There is no hindrance to the speed and performance of the laptop or PC being used. The Free Count Up Timer is equipped with a graphical user interface that can be comprehended by anyone. Even those who are new to such technology can also make the most of the app. It comes with an inbuilt alarm which can be set to go off once the specified time is over. This can be customized according to the users? requirements. A user can set the timer even to seconds and hence, this can be considered a very handy tool for several users across the world. Be it working on a project, cooking, planning meetings and attending them, etc, every job can be managed well with this Free Count Up Timer. There is an option to ?snooze? the alarm and including loops. If the computer is in the sleep mode, it automatically turns on at the specified time and the alarm goes off without any intermittence. It is indeed a very functional tool that has an interesting design.

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